Why Using Games?

Reach and engage users through games to achieve your marketing goals

Everybody Loves Games

Games are universal: in any culture anywhere in the world at any point in history, they have been there. That means games are part of human nature and always will. And in the mobile and social network age, games have become the opportunity for your brand to reach any demographic, anywhere at anytime.

Why Gamifying My Brand

Game mechanics for marketing purposes has been used for decades through marketing initiatives such as loyalty programs,sweepstakes and other contests. But in an always-on mobile age where social networks enable marketers to create viral products reaching mass audiences, it opens new possibilities:

  • Engage your users anywhere at anytime on any device
  • Promote your brand and products in a more engaging way
  • Collect more data about your customers

Benefits of advergaming

Advergaming offers numerous benefits to your brand:

  • Improve user acquisition through the viral dynamic of social networks by engaging the social contacts of your existing customers to generate new leads
  • Strengthen customers loyalty through games and contests by activating customers on a more regular basis
  • Drive users to store with mobile apps that incentivize customers to visit your points of sale
  • Use games to get more data about your customers to create more targeted campaigns

Advantages of a marketing campaign using games

A marketing campaign through games and contest on social networks provides several advantages over traditional marketing solutions:

  • Build a fully trackable campaign to measure and analyze user actions at any step of the funnel
  • Optimize your campaign at any time by adding more elements or tweaking the viral dynamic
  • Change assets and copy used in the campaign at any time
  • Stop or pause the campaign at any time if required

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