Instagram Contest

Instagram Contest

Launch an Instagram Photo Contest between your fans and reward the most popular pictures. Pictures will be filtered and posted on Facebook and Instagram through a #hashtag of your choice. Encourage fans to create and share pictures associated with your brand to promote new products, increase brand recognition and strengthen branding.


Engage fans

Engage fans by calling on their creativity and get them to interact with each other among user generated content.

Recruit new fans

Take advantage of the contest virality to get new fans on Facebook and Instagram, especially when using the Facebook like button as a voting system.


Promote new products

Use the Photo Contest to get users to create and share content linked to your brand. This will increase the exposure that existing and potential clients have on your products.

Strengthen your branding

Associate your brand values with user generated content including your products to reinforce the positive association brand/values in fans’ minds.

Increase event impact

Launch the contest during your event and bring it online to create interactions on Facebook and Instagram, increasing the impact of this event.

Collect user data

Insert a form enabling you to collect more information on users: name; email; date of birth; gender; mailing address; email address; etc.

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